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Hi! I'm Lexeigh. Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

Welcome to my "About Me" page... First off, I want to thank you for looking around my website! I continue to be flattered by all the attention I receive, and just want everyone to know how appreciative am that so many of you are interested in being a part of my website! Thanks!
    I am a 100% real amateur wife and mom. I have a regular day job. I have a house in the suburbs. I go to my kids sporting events. I like shopping at the mall. I cook, and clean. I even do my own taxes! Honestly, I am about as normal as any neighborhood soccer mom, except for the tiny little difference of this website! Ok, maybe not so "tiny"! :-)
    I'm not embarrassed about this site. Not at all. I have a family and a career that I need to protect. So I just keep this "tucked away" from view from everyone I know. This sight really is just for you! :-) So... what can I tell you about myself?.... Well, I love having fun. I like to laugh, and am always looking to relieve the stress I feel from having a job and a family (anyone juggling those two things knows exactly what I am talking about!). Contrary to popular belief, I am not laying around naked in bed all day, just waiting to get fucked (although that does sound pretty good right now! Haha!). I keep myself pretty busy most days. When I am not working or spending time with my kids, I am usually doing something. Working out. Home projects. I love going to the swimming pool during the summer. I also love going to the mall.. anytime! I am a true blue shop-a-holic! Right, right... boring stuff huh? You want something more exciting? Like how i got started with all this "website stuff? Or how I feel about blow jobs and cum swallowing? Or if I like anal sex? Well, keep reading for the "good" stuff...
Stats, Facts, & Miscellenious Tibits of Useless Information!

Name: Lexeigh
Age: It's up on my license :-)
Zodiac: Pisces
Nationality: Irish/Italian
Home Town: Las Vegas
Currently Living: Nevada
Status: Married
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn/Blond
Height: 5' 4" (and 3/4) :-)
Weight: 118 Lbs
Measurements: 36-27-36
Cup Size: DD
Likes: Morning coffee, shopping, vacations, word games, shopping, working out
More Likes: Dancing, chocolate ice cream, posing nude, & did I mention shopping? :-)
Dislikes: Waking up early, cold showers, cold/rainy weather, rude drivers
More Dislikes: Running late, Stinky breath, & shopping and not finding anything!
Turn Ons: Sexy eyes/smile, muscular arms, being licked, & long uninterrupted sex!
Turn Offs: Guys who are arrogant, pushy, rude, or condescending! And Mommas-boys!
Favorite Color: I love black, but my favorite color is definitely blue!
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere with a beach/water, but of all those places, Jamaica!!!
Favorite Sexual Position: All of them!!! Um, ok... Just one? Then, definitely me on top!
Favorite Type Of Porn: I like my porn hardcore... 2guys/1girl, or gangbangs! :-)
Favorite Sex Toy: Hubby #1, Fingers #2, and My big thick 12" Rubber Cock #3 ! :-)

"Hey Lexeigh, do you ever show regular pictures of yourself.... you know... like around the house, or out doing stuff... I wanna see what you look like on a normal day"? - Actual Member Question

You're gonna like this answer... Yes, I do! While I do feature "posed' photos on my site, I also have a section called "Candid/Misc Photos". In that section, I post all kinds of stuff! It could be a sneak peek photo from an upcoming photo set. Or something funny. But mostly it's just pics of me in my everyday life. Making dinner, Going to work, Shopping at the mall, Dressed up for a night out... Sometimes I might even be naked!!! I know, shocking! :-)

When new photos are uploaded into the Member's Area every week, you can, of course, view that photo set, or any other photo set that has ever been uploaded... but now that's not the only way to view the photos! Photos can now be viewed by "Category"... And with over 50 categories to choose from, you have a lot of different ways to enjoy Lexeigh! Below is a list of all the categories that are available:

Magazine Covers   •   Hot Shots   •   Teaser Shots   •   Face Shots   •   Fully Clothed   •   Fully Naked
Bra & Panties   •   Panties Down   •   Shirt Up   •   Feet & Shoes   •   Lingerie Shots   •   Bikini Shots
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Bottomless Shots   •   Legs   •   Spread Legs Shots   •   Hands & Knees Shots   •   On Her Knees Shots
On The Bed Shots   •   In A Dress   •   From The Back Shots   •   Ass Shots   •   Ass in The Air Shots
Cleavage   •   Reverse Cleavage Shots   •   Holding Her Tits   •   Touching Her Pussy   •   Using A Dildo/Vibrator
Sucking her Finger Shots   •   Hands on The Cock   •   Licking The Shaft   •   Cock In Her Mouth   •   Struggling With Cock
Blow Job Eye Contact Shots   •   Deep Throat Shots   •   Ball Sucking Shots   •   Open Mouth Shots   •   Hungry For Cum
Mouthful Of Cum   •   Cum On Her Face   •   Cum Shooting In Her Mouth   •   Close-Up Tit/Nipple Shots
Close-Up Pussy/Asshole   •   Pink (open pussy close-up)   •   Asshole Only (close-up)

You can tell from the Category names that they range form the tame (like "Fully Clothed" & "Face shots") all the way to the down and dirty! (like "Mouthful Of Cum" & Asshole Only") With new categories being added all the time, viewing Lexeigh by Categories is only going to get better and better! And if that wasn't enough, there is also a "Search" option... where you can search for the things you are interested in! It's like creating your own personal categories! JOIN NOW, and you can be viewing Lexeigh's photos in just minutes!
Lexeigh Talks About How She Got Into "This"...
    The question I get asked the most is, "How did you get started doing this"? Well, that's a great question. I guess if you just happened upon this website, it might not occur to you that just a few years ago, I had never even had a nude photo of myself taken. Ever. I was raised in a very strict Catholic household, and constantly heard my mom say "Good girls don't act like that". I still hear that voice when I am doing something new and naughty!
   OK, so... a few years ago, a friend told me about a website where regular people posted their naughty pictures. I was instantly intrigued. At home that night, I looked at the site and was drawn in. I brought up the idea with hubby, and a week or two later he took some pics of me. But I didn't immediately post them. I realized I was kinda nervous about going through with it. Well, after a month of thinking about it, I just decided to do it. I got online and posted the photos. The thrill I got hitting the "upload" button was great. Scary, but great. It took a few more days before the pictures appeared on the site. The response I received really surprised me. And not only did I receive a ton of great comments, my photo set actually was ranked in the top ten for the month! And there were hundreds of photo sets submitted! Wow! I was officially hooked.
    After that, I started posting pictures about once a month to the site. The response to each photo set was incredible. I just couldn't believe that an older woman like me could even compete with girls half my age. Looking back, the he initial photos I posted were actually pretty tame. It was basically just me being a little provocative. Suggestive poses, and going topless. But with each new photo set, I got a little more bold. Eventually I got comfortable with the idea of showing everything. And the more I showed, the better the responses became (duh :-) ). Most of the responses were complementing me and my pictures. Some were very suggestive about what they wanted to do to me! Some were very poetic, and others were extremely raunchy. I loved them all. But a few comments were suggestion I have my own website. That is truly where this whole idea began.
    When I started out on this little "journey", I would have never believed that I would have ended up here, with my own website. If you would have told me back then that this is where this whole thing was going, I would have laughed. Not only would I have never believed that there would be so many guys interested in looking at me, I would have never believed that I would be comfortable enough with my own sexuality to actually even try something like this. It would have seemed beyond ridiculous. But, here we are. You are on my website. It's obviously not that ridiculous. :-)
    Now that the website is up and running, I can focus on pictures again. I do love teasing you. I love dressing up and stripping down just for you. I love knowing that you might be getting off looking at me. During my photo shoots, I think about how you will be looking at me. It turns me on, knowing you are looking at me. Getting hard looking at me. Getting off with me. I love that. Someone left me a comment back on the amateur website where I first posted photos... the comment said something like, "Do you have any idea of how much cum is being spilled because of you"! Wow. Are you going to spill for me too?! I hope so! :-)
Lexeigh Talks About Blow Jobs & Cum Swallowing...
    I gave my first blow job when I was WAY to young! I'm not gonna say how old I was, but what evre number you're thinking, subract 2 from it, and you are probably still a year too old! Anyway, it was with an older boyfriend, and i was so nervous. We had been dating for just a few months, and he was pressuring me to go all the way. Well, I wasn't doing that, so I gave in to the idea of giving him a blow job. It was on a Saturday at my house. No one was home, and we were up in my room. We had been laying on my bed making out for ever. He had his hands all over me... up my shirt, and in my pants. I was so turned on, I decided if I didn't do something to slow him down, we would probably end up having sex! So I undid his pants, and got his pants off. He was on his back and I climbed between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. I did my best to lick and suck, but I really had no clue about what I was doing. He was holding my hair out of my face, and every time I looked up at him, he was watching me. I am sure he was having a good time! :-) Like I said, I had no idea of what I was doing, but I must have been doing something right because it was only a few minutes before he announced that he was going to cum. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but I quickly found out.
    His cock started throbbing in my mouth, and then it started spurting. He had a hold of my head, and kept his cock buried in my mouth. As he was holding my head and thrusting his cock into my mouth, my mouth was filled with a HUGE load of cum! I can still remember all of this like it just happened yesterday. I remember being surprised, but definitely not grossed out. As his cock was filling my mouth with cum, I was looking up at him. He was looking at me, and the look in his eyes was so sexy! I had never actually seen a guy cum before, and it was awesome! I still love seeing a guy with that look in his eyes!
    So there I am, with a big mouthful of cum. Without even thinking, I just swallowed it down. He acted like that was the most incredible thing anyone had ever done for him. I thought it was hot that I could make a guy get off like that. Not to mention that I became a "cum swallower" on my very first blow job! :-) After that blow job, my boyfriend stopped asking me for sex. He did, however, start asking for blow jobs. :-) Well, we ended up breaking up a few months later, and without ever having "sex". It's funny that I thought that having sex was such a big deal and that blow jobs were nothing! I was such a little slut! :-)
    "How do I like giving a blow job"? Well, if I have a choice, I prefer being on my knees. I also like being on my back, with my head hang off the edge of the bed too. But thats more of a face fuck than a a blow job!. I definitely like using my hands, but I know some guys prefer the hands stay out of the way, so I do a good mixture of both. I have two modes: sucking for fun, and sucking to get you off. When I am sucking for fun, I do all kinds of stuff. I love going slow. I love licking your balls. I love wiping your cock all over my face. Fun! When I am ready to get you off, then I get serious. I have a nice little technique of sucking while twisting and pumping my hand.... I can usually make a guy cum in no time doing that! :-) I prefer you cum with your cock deep in my mouth (more on my lack of "gag reflex" later!). I also like having cum on my face, or my tits too. For photos though, you guys have made it very clear what you want to see... cum shooting into my open mouth, "porn" style! Mmmm mmm mmm! Yummy! If you JOIN NOW!, you can see me in action for yourself!
Lexeigh Talks About "Taking It In The Ass"...
    OK, let me start by saying this... I am a romantic at heart. I love getting attention. I love being touched and kissed. I love everything that happens before your cock gets in me. Once we are there, then it's all about getting fucked. So, having said that, I definitely don't put anal sex above "regular" sex. Before you get bummed out (all you dirty guys out there!), let me say that I do enjoy it... but just don't crave it like I do having my pussy fucked. I am a good wife though, and I do give up the booty anytime hubby wants it. I think that anyone in a relationship should do their best to give their partner what they really want, even if it is something that you may not be into yourself. It's called compromise. Hubby does the dishes and laundry. I do anal. :-)
    Ok, so my first time trying anal sex was when I was in my early twenties. The guy I was dating was always talking about it. Since I could tell how bad he wanted it, I agreed to give it a go. I remember this being a big deal. At this time, I think I only knew of one girl who had done this. To me, this seemed like the dirtiest thing you could do! We were at my apartment, and going at each other. I just put it out there. Do you want to fuck my ass"? He didn't need to be told twice. I had purchased some lube and had it ready in the nightstand by the bed. He started off by lubing up a finger and loosening me up a bit. Once I got used to his finger, I told him I was ready to try his cock. I was laying on my side which I had heard was the best position for a beginner like me). He wasn't huge, but I was still worried. He moved very slowly, and within just a few minutes, he was all the way in. I was definitely feeling uncomfortable at first, but the pain wasn't as bad as I was thinking it would be. A few minutes after that the pain actually started to subside. Then it started feeling pretty good. He was so worried about hurting me, bless his heart. He didn't last more than 10 minutes, and came with his cock deep in my ass. I loved the feeling of his cum shooting up into my ass! It was so different than having a guy shoot into my pussy! Well, after that, I realized that anal sex was kinda fun, and then it started to show up more frequently on my sexual "to do" list.
    A few years later, I dated another guy who was all about anal sex. I remember one particular week, he fucked my ass 4 times! and on another occasion, he actually kept his cock in my ass for almost 45 minutes straight. I think I was permanently walking funny the entire time i dated him! :-) According to that boyfriend, I could really take it hard in my ass. In general, I am not a complainer. I rarely ever have any "ouch" moments when I am getting fucked! He loved pounding my ass as hard as he could. He is also the reason I began appreciating having things get a little "rougher" than I was used to. More on rough sex later. :-)
    These days, I have anal sex probably about once a month or so. Maybe a little more. Now I prefer being on my hands and knees just like that picture off to the right!). on my knees, I drop to my shoulders and then I can play with myself while I am getting fucked from behind. The feeling of cumming with a cock in my ass is so great! Is that what you want to do with me?! Hubby also likes me on my back looking up at him so he can see my face when he first enters me!). He likes seeing me in pain I think! :-)
    Become a MEMBER now and you can see all the pictures of my ass! There are even close-up shots of my asshole! Naughty, huh? :-)
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