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Show Me The Free Photos Already!...     Ok, so this is the real reason you are here on this page is to see my photos! I'm flattered! Really! The photos here on this page are a bit on the "tame" side, but that's because I am trying to tease you! I want to get you interested in me! I want you to want more! And I can give you more... much more!
    How do the words "Dirty", Exposed" "XXX", Spread Open, and "Completely Naked" sounds to you? Well, I have those kinds of photos... lots of them... in my Archive in the Members Area! As of today, I have a total of 11472 photos over in my Members Area! I know you want to see me in the XXX photos, but remember, the XXX uncensored photos can only be found in my MEMBERS AREA! CLICK HERE to get all the details on how easy it is to become a MEMBER of my website!
    On this page you will find just a very small, select, low-res group of pictures taken from my photo collection (all chosen personally by me). None of these photos I've picked show any nudity, because, well, as my mom always said, "if you give away the milk for free, then there's no reason to buy the cow"! All of the "Members Only" picture sets are presented in two formats: A small one, for low resolution monitors and smart phones, And a larger one for higher resolution displays ( The large photos are presented at 1800 pixels on the long side). The average number of photos in a set is right around 130, with some having more than 200+. In addition, I have upload nearly 150 candid/misc photos from my "private" life to give you a glimpse into my everyday world. The FREE photos are right below this section. Please enjoy the photos below, and please think about becoming a MEMBER. I've lowered the price of Monthly Plan for a little while, so now is the time to take advantage of the discount and come see the photos you really want to see! :-)
MILF Wife Lexeigh MILF Wife Lexeigh
First things first... As a member of my, you will have access to the entire photo archive, which currently has 11472 photos! But just because there is a lot of photos, doesn't mean they're any good! Good point... but that's not true for Lexeigh's photos. See, Lexeigh isn't trying to "trick" you into joining her website. This isn't a "bait-n-switch" where you think you are getting one thing but end up with something else! Nearly 7 out of every 10 people who join remain members. That's a loyalty rating of nearly 70%! Now ask yourself, would 7 out of every 10 people remain members if they weren't getting what they wanted? Would you? The obvious answer is NO They wouldn't! So instead of handing you a bunch of BS hype, we'd rather just tell you the facts about what you are gonna find in Lexeigh's Members Area! Check out this information:
  • Lexeigh is a 100% REAL amateur suburban MILF wife. She's not an ex-stripper or a washed-up porn star. She's real.
  • The website is updated with Brand New Photo Sets every week on Tuesdays! The site has NEVER missed an update!
  • Each Photo Set features Lexeigh from many different angles and in lots of different poses!
  • The photos in the Members Area are 100% EXCLUSIVE! This is THE ONLY website where you can find photos of Lexeigh!
  • Every photo in the archive is completely uncensored! Nothing is blurred or obscured!
  • Lexeigh may have the looks of a glamour model, but she isn't afraid to pose like a like a total slut!
  • Every photo is 1800 pixels on the long side! Not just some of the photos... ALL of the photos in the entire archive!
  • Most Photo sets have well over 100 photos in them (the avg. is around 130), with some having over 200!
  • We get the camera in nice & close to show you Lexeigh's private part up close and personal!
  • Photos offer a wide variety of poses and settings... You will love the wide variety of the shots!
  • You can view photos as "sets", or you can pick your favorite "category" and see Lexeigh the way you want to see her!
  • You can use a "search" feature to find specific photos you want! It's like creating your own categories!
  • Lexeigh uploads "candid/misc" photos several times a week, giving you a behind-the-scenes look into her "real" life! Over 150 and growing!!!
  • Whether it's touching her pussy, using a sex toy, spreading her legs wide, giving head, or taking a cum shot... Lexeighs devlivers hard-core XXX action!
  • This site is really Lexeigh's website. It's not owned by some "behind-the-scenes" person. If it matters, your money is going DIRECTLY to Lexeigh!
Ok, that's it! Below are a few "tame" low-res samples, just to tease you a little! Lexeigh says, "Don't blame me for getting turned on! Actually, ya.. blame me!" :-)

These "free" photos below were picked out for you personally by lexeigh! Enjoy!
LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?! This is just a tiny "g-rated" sample of what is in the MEMBERS AREA!
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